Pastor Ludd,

I believe I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting one of your flock this
weekend while I was in NYC. I was having a lovely picnic date when someone,
whom I can only imagine is (or would be) a member of your church, came up
and started harassing my date and I - all because my date was a robot. I
fail to see how two individuals sharing a quiet moment in a public park
could cause such hatred, but this "gentleman" still felt the need to yell at
us and threaten us with physical violence. My date felt the threat was
genuine and decided to cut our date short rather than risk another
confrontation with such a close minded individual.

This is the 21st century, Pastor Ludd. Why, if I am free to date someone
regardless of religion, race, and sex, could I not be allowed to date
someone from a different technological standpoint? My robot friend is a
million times more accepting of others than you are, and thus I believe is
closer to God than you ever will be. I understand the idea that robot-human
intimate relationships are not for everyone, it doesn't mean that these
relationships are wrong when compared to others.

I am very tempted to send you a bill since your lies and propaganda ruined
my date on Saturday. I traveled hours to see my robot friend, and had barely
even time to share a drink with him when your goon ended things. I do
however demand an apology for both ruining my afternoon and for causing my
dear friend anxiety that he was to be physically harmed by intolerant

I await your response, either by email or through your video blog.

Rowan D. Lambelle