I <3 Robots

A stylish tee to let the world know how you feel about robot-kind. Share the love.

Mac & Cheese

What goes better with today's sleekest computers? How about one of humanity's favorite foods?

Programmed to Love

A Technology is programmed to love you, and just wants to be loved back in return.


Cute cats and robots get along like bossum buddies. based on the popular internet video.

Double D's

Not a whole lot to say about this shirt that it doesn't say for itself.


A whimsical shirt for ladies featuring a robot in love.

Must Love Robots

A shirt promoting my roommates blog about me, mustloverobots.com


Giving the people what they want... Me.



The Spring 2009 Line

This is the Spring 2009 line of clothing, these shirts were designed by a robot, but with the body and comfort of a human being in mind.


The Inactiveware line is based on the idea that the human body was built for comfort. We try to design clothing that promotes the idea of comfort as much as possible.


Streamlined for lounging, our clothing line is designed to be worn around the house anytime, but is also stylish enough to be worn out and about the town.


All the clothing on Inactiveware is available for purchase, click the item of clothing you are interested in to see it modeled, and to purchase.

About the Designer

This line of clothing was designed by a robot named 011iver (#011 Intelligent Versatile Electronic Robot).


Email 011iver at 011iver@inactiveware.com


Call 011iver at 718.753.0635

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