Brushed Nickel-Plated Honeys

“Who is it?”
“It’s the Plumb-Bot, and I hear you need some pipe properly installed.”
“Are you here to lay it?”
“Yes, and I am certified by the National Plumbers of Association”

Pie Charts 7

In the seventh, and hottest of the series, you will wish you were there as these bots abandon tasty pizza pies and hump each other. Get ready to dial in some delivery, cause your staying into night!

Pool Tools

Check out the hot bods as they get their “pool cleaned” and then get filmed having the hard-dual-core sex.

Hard-on Collider

Watch as these Robo-Sluts go at in a mind blowing sex festival. Cross your fingers, because we don’t want this “Collider” to create a black-hole and kill us all.